SemiAcccurate gets some Playstation 5/Next details

Exlcusive: Once again first with real console news

Sony Playstation LogoSemiaccurate is back with a bang, and that bang is Sony Playstation 5/Next specs and timetables. Unlike others simply (to be charitable to them) speculating for clickbait headlines, we have real info about the silicon and status of the consoles.

You might recall when SemiAccurate told you about the different console cycle of the current gen consoles back in 2013, back then we said there would be a PS4.1/4.2/4.3 etc. We also said the current gen consoles would be upgraded not replaced from the ground up, evolution not revolution. People laughed. Devs laughed. We now have the PS4 Pro and the XBox One X and they aren’t laughing.

Speaking of laughter, people also did quite a bit of that when we exclusively told you about the specs for the PS4, XBox (not named) One (then), and Nintendo Switch. This of course didn’t stop the trolls but since this is the internet, nothing will.

So now it is time for the Playstation 5/Next or whatever Sony ends up calling it. We once again have real technical info on it, and two possible launch dates, one more solid than the other. You might want to hold off on that XBox One X if you plan on buying it in the next few months, Sony has quite a beast in the wings. Enjoy

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