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If you are seeing certificate problems on SemiAccurate, we are aware of the issue and there is nothing to worry about. There is no security problem, no hack, and nothing serious other than the annoyance of your browser (correctly) flagging the problem. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience, we will be fixing it on Friday or over the weekend if things go less smoothly than hoped. We are also going to roll out some new back end software you probably won’t see to pave the way for future upgrades you will see. Thanks for your patience. -SemiAccurate

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Charlie Demerjian

Roving engine of chaos and snide remarks at SemiAccurate
Charlie Demerjian is the founder of Stone Arch Networking Services and SemiAccurate.com. SemiAccurate.com is a technology news site; addressing hardware design, software selection, customization, securing and maintenance, with over one million views per month. He is a technologist and analyst specializing in semiconductors, system and network architecture. As head writer of SemiAccurate.com, he regularly advises writers, analysts, and industry executives on technical matters and long lead industry trends. Charlie is also available through Guidepoint and Mosaic. FullyAccurate