Intel changes Sapphire Rapids specs

Kinda late to tweak things but they did

Xeon Bronze logoIt looks like Intel is upgrading the specs for Sapphire Rapids late in the game. These changes could be taken as a good thing or a bad thing, SemiAccurate definitely has an opinion.

As you know we first told you about Sapphire Rapids in early 2017, but we got a few minor bits wrong, mainly that the -Lake names moved to -Rapids. Fire, Ruby, and Emerald were all backup plans due to the 10nm disaster that we won’t rehash here but only one of the three, Emerald Rapids, got the green light. Yes that was a pun but not a very good one. (Note: We know we missed Sapphire in 2016 but we got the other two, no need to write.)

SemiAccurate then told you about the core count in mid-2019, and then various other bits through time like Emerald Rapids memory specs. There was a lot to learn, much of which is still trickling out, and over the past few days SemiAccurate was able to confirm a pretty substantial change to Sapphire Rapids, it is directly listed as such in the latest updates. While ‘what?’ is an important question, ‘why?’ is probably even more so. Lets dive in.

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