Things go bump in the night for AMD’s Genoa

We told you this could happen last summer

AMD EPYC LogoLooks like all is not right with AMD’s Genoa CPU, recent rumors say things are going bump in the night. SemiAccurate said it would actually ship in volume about now but that may have been a bit optimistic.

You may recall that last June, SemiAccurate said that AMD would ship Genoa in February 2023, give or take a little, due to a little memory whoopsie. We also put the caveat on it that a PR launch of not-fully-working devices may happen earlier. It did. Yup, the second DIMM slot may have been on some boards but don’t expect it to work right if at all until a patch was released. That patch was, and may still be, scheduled for the late February or early March release.

Those who payed attention to the launch may have noticed that there were an awful lot of 1DPC designs but almost no 2DPC designs, and absolutely none shown working. Since then a few 2DPC boards and chassis have been shown off, and all of them were slated for a late February or early March release. So technically released in 2022 as promised but not exactly all working right. Welcome to PR games, you know the ones that served Intel so well over the past half-decade or so. That said you can actually buy a Genoa now.

Then over the past few days things went bump in the night according to multiple sources SemiAccurate has been talking to of late.

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