QTS Shows Off Birch Stream boards at MWC

MWC 2024: Updated – Both -SP and -AP OCP boards on full display

It looks like someone was showing off the Birch Stream boards early at MWC 2024. In this case SemiAccurate saw the Granite Rapids/Sierra Forest boards at the QTL booth and they were quite interesting.

Update March 6, 2024@8:40am: Looks like Patrick at Serve The Home got Birch Stream boards a long time ago. That said we think our analysis and some details are worth posting in future articles.

First off these boards were likely shown in error, the embargo on them doesn’t go up for a few more months, they embargo date is Q2/2024. There were many others lurking at MWC this year but only one set out in the open. And they let us take pictures. Lots of close up pictures of the SP and AP boards, both in OCP form factors.

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