Intel Birch Stream Boards Speak From The SIde

MWC 2024: Not a pretty viewpoint but really informative

When SemiAccurate saw the Birch Stream boards at MWC, there was something we noticed. That something is the side view and it tells a pretty big story.

For years now SemiAccurate has been saying that the Birch Stream platform, whether it be Granit Rapids or Sierra Forest, won’t be competitive with AMD for most applications. Intel has been showing off a lot of details and they do look competitive when lined up against similar AMD specs, but taken as a whole Intel is not playing the same game.

Nothing shows this off better than the side view of the Birch Stream boards. I know it sounds odd to say because side views of boards are, well, usually pretty dull. In this case however, they are a vital piece of the cost equation.

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