Intel in aggressive Ultrabook push

Working closely with chassis vendors to get prices down.

Intel - logo

According to several sources in the supply chain that we have spoken with, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) is working very aggressively with vendors of notebook chassis makers to drive prices down in the hope of being able to have Ultrabooks on the market for less than $1000.

Intel seems to be pushing mainly a plastic and fiberglass hybrid chassis.

The preferred choice by many vendors is still a chassis made of an magnesium-aluminum alloy and the first 3 Ultrabooks announced by –Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba all use the magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis, but it is expected that all these will be priced above $1000.

Also the hybrid chassis gives a much wider variety when it comes to colors as it is a lot easier to paint than a magnesium-aluminum alloy.  We see the different chassis playing in different markets.

If Intel is going to succeed in the market it is vital that prices are driven down, but it is equally important that Ultrabooks feature at least the latest technology – and by that we are talking about things like USB 3. Forget about Thunderbolt.S|A

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