New FeRAM memory to compete against flash

MOAR memory

A group of researchers from Purdue University have developed an improved version of the well known memory type FeRAM according to an article that has just been published in the journal Nano Letters. This according to a press release from Purdue University.

FetRAM is the name for new version and the extra T stands for transistor and allows for non-destructive reading of the memory cell. Reading content has been the major challenge and hurdle for traditional FeRAM since the read is destructive. One you read the cell then the information was gone and you had to re-write the content.

The transistor is manufactured from nanowires with an organic polymer according to their press release.  It is the hope that FetRAM one day will be able to compete against other memory technologies such as magnectic AM and phase change memory.

According to the researchers it is believed that FetRAM can be manufactured in the same fabs that are currently used to manufacture other semiconductors in bulk CMOS.S|A

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