Haswell graphics for GT1 and GT2 revealed

The little guys are no longer so little

Intel - logoThings are becoming clearer about the GPUs in Haswell, especially in the lower end parts. GT3 may be a monster, but the smaller ones are no slouches either.

You might recall that SemiAccurate broke the news of Haswell having not only 40 shaders, but on package memory called Crystalwell too. This puts it far above and beyond any other integrated GPU’s capacity for both performance and bandwidth. But what about the lower end versions, how many shaders do GT1 and GT2 have?

GT1 has 10 of the same shaders, updates of the ones found in Ivy Bridge, and GT2 has 20. Neither one is going to be offered with Crystalwell’s memory options though. Clocks for the lower pair are going to max out in the 1200MHz range for the full turbo’d speed, but native clocks may drop vs those found in Ivy to save power. This is of course SKU dependent, many variants will not reach that peak.S|A

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