UzBrain’s Rail Gun turns a toy weapon into an FPS controller

MWC 2015: Strap on motion sensor and buttons

UzBrain Rail Gun logoA Korean company called UzBrain was showing off a unique FPS controller called Rail Gun at MWC. This controller straps on to a toy gun and turns it into a motion sensing device with lots of buttons and pads.

Rail Gun looks like a three box controller connected with cables, one with a console analog stick and a few buttons, another with more buttons, and a third with a few LEDs. As a device it looks pretty plain but once you strap it on to a realistic looking toy gun, it takes on a whole new level of interest from onlookers.

UzBrain Rail Gun buttons

Rail Gun on a not Real Gun

In the picture above you can see two of the boxes, the button box and the LED box which presumably houses the motion sensor and electronics. On the other side of the barrel is the third box with a few more buttons and the analog stick. Other than the dire black on black color scheme, the Rail Gun is pretty much all functional.

UzBrain Rail Gun stick

Not just a gun, an analog stick too

Using tech lifted from UzBrain’s Motion Ring NUI/mouse-thingy, the rail gun gets its base functionality. For this application it has obviously been returned, there is a slight difference in haptic motions for moving through a presentation and gunning down hordes of bad guys in an FPS. The buttons and the stick are mappable to the standard gamepad controls, possibly more functions to come too.

Since the Rail Gun is a Bluetooth device it is said to be compatible with the PS4 and XBox One, you just need one device for either console. Strap, map, and kill all, kill all, or something like that. The Rail Gun should be shipping in April for an estimated $195 or so, UzBrain doesn’t have a US distributor at the moment so that may change before it goes on sale. It looks like a lot of fun if you are into FPSs.S|A

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