AMD Fiji shows off HBM’s potential savings

Computex 2015: Add some here, take some there

AMD Radeon Logo 2013Computex showed off an interesting bit of HBM memory, cost savings to the rest of the system. This non-obvious effect of the tech is what SemiAccurate told you about weeks ago.

If you read SemiAccurate’s article on the tech of HBM, we mentioned that the GPU, interposer, and memory tended to cost a bit more than their ‘old way’ counterparts but there were savings to be had in other areas. None of these pros and cons are set in stone, just the opposite at the moment, and their absolute magnitude is another open debate.

What SemiAccurate can show you is a picture of a Fiji device that sheds some interesting light on the topic. Actually it is more a small piece, a corner of the device, that clearly shows one of the cost savings. There are others lurking but those will have to wait for official disclosure of the GPU to delve into. Until then, here is another point to debate.

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