Hands on with MSI’s 3D display all-in-one PC

Will launch at Computex

EARLIER TODAY WE had the opportunity to visit MSI and got a sneak peek at its upcoming all-in-one PC system. We’re seeing more and more all-in-one type systems, although we’re still not convinced that these types of machines are set to replace the humble desktop PC. But it’s possible that MSI is heading in the right direction with its new system as an overall entertainment solution.
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First custom GTX 470 make an appearance

For overclocking or cost-down?

CONSIDERING THE COST of Nvidia’s new flagship graphics cards, there’s no wonder that its partners are already looking at ways of reducing the manufacturing costs. Inno3D is the first one to release details of a modified GTX470 PCB and it comes in green rather than black, which is the colour of the first retail cards, although this doesn’t appear to be cost-down version, quite the opposite.
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Intel wants Atom in every NAS

For the SMB market

INTEL IS PUSHING its Atom processor heavily into every conceivable market and the company is doing a big push towards the small business storage market space with its Bandon platform. Some of these NAS devices can do more than just back up your data which should prove to be a neat bonus to smaller companies.
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Intel expects 10Gbit Ethernet to kick off in 2011

Gets integrated on the server motherboards

DURING THE INTEL Storage Solution Forums yesterday, the company was keen to point out that from next year we’ll see widespread adoption of 10Gbit Ethernet in the server environment. The main reason for this coming uptake in 10Gbit Ethernet according to Intel is that it will launch a transceiver that will be implemented on server motherboards, rather than needing an add-on card.
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