Company Spotlight: Micron Technology, Inc.

S|A goes on tour at the Micron fab in Manassas, VA

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN OPENING presents and the post-Christmas eggnog hangover, we had the opportunity to tour the Micron DRAM and Flash memory fabrication facility in Manassas, Virginia.  While a fab is a fab and the net result, like anywhere else, is a groovy 300mm platter of chips that you cannot eat, we’ll walk you through Micron’s production process, profile the company, and give you a bit of insight into the challenges it faces and its opportunities in the near future and years to come.
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ASRock’s Brazos board detailed

Previewed in Vietnam

WE EXPECTED A FEW Brazos boards at launch, but it seems like we might end up seeing more than just a few which is good news for AMD if nothing else. ASRock is readying a board of its own called the E350M1 giving away both the CPU and chipset being used and it’s said to be a low cost solution, but it appears that ASRock might be offering a few different SKUs.
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MSI’s other high-end P67 board detailed

Should launch at CES

WE HAVE TO start by apologizing for the poor picture that we snapped of this board, as unlike the Big Bang Marshal board, MSI didn’t have the P67A-GD80 on display in the same fashion. Well, that’s not quite true, as there was a system with a board in it, but thanks to a large shiny heatsink and a large graphics card combined with poor lighting, we didn’t manage to get a good shot of the board.
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MSI’s R6970 Lightning and N580GTX Lightning sneak peek

Two big, expensive and powerful cards

AS OF LATELY, MSI has gained a bit of fame with the graphics card overclocking community largely thanks to its N480GTX Lightning and we can now offer you a sneak peek at what MSI has coming next, namely the R6970 Lightning and N580GTX Lightning. Both boards use a much larger PCB than you normally get on a graphics card, akin to the N480GTX Lightning, but MSI has come up with a new cooling solution called Twin Frozr III which aesthetically looks much better than the older card.
Updated: December 29, 2010
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Radeon HD 6950 flashable to a 6970

Just make sure you get a card with fast memory

AMD, OR RATHER ATI have in the past had a few claims to fame thanks to its easily “soft moddable” graphics cards and it seems like the company has just scored itself another popular card with those brave enough to flash their graphics card BIOS. The Radeon HD 6950 as it turns out is quite easily turned into a Radeon HD 6970 and it can save you some cash at the same time.
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Sweden could get piracy fee on external storage devices

Industry and consumers up in arms

PIRACY, AN ISSUE that isn’t easy to resolve and that is currently causing a lot of commotion with the various governments in Europe at the moment, with some countries going as far as imposing bans on individual’s internet connections if they’re caught downloading illegal content. In Sweden an organization called Copyswede handles copy right licensing in most cases and they are suggesting a new “tax” that could be in affect from the 1st of April next year, for all kind of external storage devices.
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Gigabyte reveals first glimpse of the G1-Killer

As part of a series of desktop wallpapers

GIGABYTE HAS BEEN extremely secretive about its G1-Killer motherboard which is set to launch at CES alongside its already revealed line of Sandy Bridge compatible motherboards. However, today the company revealed a small sneak peek of what to expect as part of a series of desktop wallpapers and although it doesn’t reveal too much in terms of details, it does give away some interesting features.
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