Gigabyte to launch 11.6-inch notebook at Computex

Convertible tablet with Core i processor

THE DAYS BEFORE Computex don’t tend to be as hectic as they’ve been this year, but it might have to do something with the local companies wanting as much attention as possible ahead of the show, as the past year hasn’t exactly been great for most of them. Gigabyte’s notebook division has unveiled a few details on its new 11.6-inch convertible notebook that will be launched at the show, alongside the first picture of the M1125.
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Acer announces new Revo line-up

Doesn’t divulge too many details

THE ORIGINAL ACER Revo was and might possibly still be the best selling ION nettop to date. Now it looks like Acer is getting ready to revamp its Revo product line and it looks like we’ll be seeing quite a lot of new additions that aren’t strictly PC’s as well. Acer has revealed some details about its new products at an event in Beijing, China today, although we’d expect that the nitty-gritty details will be divulged at Computex next week.
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Quantenna launches its third gen 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi chipset

Designed for high-bandwidth video using the 5GHz band

WI-FI HAS BECOME something of a ubiquitous standard these days, as pretty much every notebook, smartphone and even a lot of consumer electronics feature Wi-Fi connectivity these days. However, Wi-Fi can’t really compare to wired Ethernet when it comes to performance, well, that’s unless you’re using a Quantenna Communications based product with 4×4 MIMO.
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Larrabee alive and well

Mass misunderstandings of our time

I AM NOT sure why the technical world suddenly all came to the same misunderstanding that Intel’s Larrabee is dead, it most assuredly is not. In fact, if you actually read the not-an-anouncement from Intel yesterday, you will see that it simply does not put the knife in, but rather brings a lot of clarity to the chip’s position.
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Acer shows off K11 project at pre-Computex event

Tiny, yet feature packed, although not HD capable

LOOKING FOR A really small projector? Well, Acer’s K11 might not be the smallest projector out there and despite Acer calling it a pocket projector, you’d need rather large pockets to actually fit it in one, but it does beat the competition in just about every sense when it comes to features. One drawback of LED projectors is the fairly low resolution, but Acer is still better than most here.
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First four port USB 3.0 host controller announced

Courtesy of VLI

IT LOOKS LIKE we’ll be seeing a lot of USB 3.0 hardware at Computex this year, although after yesterday’s competitive announcement by Fresco Logic, it now seems like we have the solution just about everyone has been waiting for, a four port USB 3.0 host controller and it’s about time too. The VL800 host controller comes from VLI, also known as VIA Labs, Inc, a subsidiary of VIA.
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Seagate launches Solid State Hybrid Drives

The Momentus XT comes with 4GB of SLC NAND flash

WANT A FASTER hard drive but can’t afford a SSD? Well, it looks like Seagate might’ve just come up with the solution that all of us have been waiting for, hard drives with a built in SSD. It’s a tiny SSD though, well, at least compared to the kind you’d stick in your system as a hard drive replacement, but at 4GB it’s still big enough to work as a really fast cache which is still large enough to store just about any application you’re running.
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