Acer unveils its latest Android handset

Isn’t actually made of liquid metal

ACER HAS ANNOUNCED yet another Android handset and this time it’s a model called Liquid Metal, but sadly it’s got a stainless steel back, rather than one actually made from liquid metal. The overall design is actually quite similar to Acer’s first Android handset, the Liquid 500, although today’s announced is of a much more refined, slimmer and better looking handset.
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Three more Gigabyte LGA-1155 board revealed

Mid-range boards with pretty high-end features

GIGABYTE SHOWED OFF a couple of P67 boards back at IDF in September. Now the company has released details of three more LGA-1155 boards, although this time it’s more the mid-range boards, despite the feature set being better than your average mid-range motherboard. Many of the details remain unannounced – perhaps due to Intel NDA’s we presume – but most of the good bits are there to keep us excited until Intel decides it’s time to deliver.
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OCZ announces the RevoDrive X2

This time it’s bootable

THE FIRST REVODRIVE from OCZ impressed in terms of performance relative to value for money. However, it had one major flaw, you couldn’t boot from it. OCZ has now corrected this slight problem with its second generation RevoDrive X2 which is not only bootable, but is faster and available in larger capacities.
UPDATED: 1 November 2010
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Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation phone is real

Android based device makes early appearance

THE LONG RUMORED PlayStation phone appears to finally have become reality. If the pictures of an early prototype are anything to go by, this might be Sony Ericsson’s biggest hit ever. The fact that it’s running Android is quite a surprise, at least if you consider how proprietary Sony is as a company. Since this is a Sony Ericsson handset, it seems like anything is possible.
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Western Digital launches the WD TV Live Hub

Features 1TB hard drive, but will also stream both ways

CURRENTLY THERE IS NO shortage of digital media players that you attach to your shiny new HD TV. For those that want a little bit more than a streaming player with a USB port, the new WD TV Live Hub from Western Digital might just be what you’ve been waiting for. It’s far from the most compact player on the market, but considering it comes with 1TB of internal storage, this might be forgiven.
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Wi-Fi Direct set to take on Bluetooth

Faster, better, easier?

WI-FI IS POSSIBLY the most common wireless interface on notebooks, smartphones and a few other gadgets and accessories. It’s set to become a whole lot more useful thanks the announcement of Wi-Fi Direct. The Wi-Fi Alliance said that it has started certifying devices supporting the new Wi-Fi standard today, although the word is mum as to when we’ll see devices with Wi-Fi Direct support.
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Opera launches Opera 11 beta

Gets support for extensions

OPERA MIGHT NOT be the most popular desktop web browser out there, but the company is doing well in the mobile market and continues to push out new features for its desktop browser. The company has announced a beta version of Opera 11 which is available for download from today and it brings with it a fair few new features, but the most significant one is support for extensions based on the W3C widget specification.
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Dell brings back its XPS line of notebooks

GeForce 400M graphics and Skype HD webcam included

DELL HAS ANNOUNCED a return of its XPS series of notebooks, although the brand has been around as a performance moniker on some of its other notebook ranges, it will once again return as Dell’s performance notebook brand. The company has announced three new models with varying specifications; including features such as GeForce 400M series graphics, Skype HD certified webcams standard, and JBL speakers.
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