Intel’s C200 E3-series Xeon chipsets detailed

Cougar Point for workstations and servers

WE’VE SEEN MOST, if not all, of Intel’s consumer chipsets for the LGA-1155 platform for this year, but Intel is planning three additional versions of Cougar Point for its E3-series of Xeon processors which shares the same socket. What we’re looking at is the Intel C202, C204 and C206 chipsets, all of which are similar, but quite different to what Intel is offering for its desktop consumer platform.
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LucidLogix Virtu on its way to motherboard makers

Still a shortage of Sandy Bridge motherboards

LUCIDLOGIX HAS STARTED to ship its Virtu GPU virtualization software to motherboard partners that will enable automatic switching between the onboard graphics in Intel’s Sandy Bridge sorry, second generation Core processors and a discrete graphics card. Despite it having been nearly two months since the initial announcements, thanks to a little SATA bug, it seems like LucidLogix didn’t need to rush out its software, as currently there’s something of a shortage on suitable motherboards in the shops.
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Corsair claims 25nm Flash ICs not as reliable as 34nm

More overprovisioning sorts out the problem

ANYONE INTERESTED IN getting an SSD have been looking forward to more affordable 2Xnm Flash memory as it’s been promising lower prices for consumers for the same size drives, but now it seems like things might not be as rosy as first thought, at least not if Corsair is right. The company has posted a long statement on its blog explaining the difference between 34nm Flash and 25nm Flash and it suggests that the newer 25nm ICs aren’t as reliable as the older 34nm ICs.
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ST-Ericsson announces SoC with PowerVR Series6 graphics

Won’t be ready until the end of this year

ST-ERICSSON MIGHT NOT be a name that many of us are affiliating with high-end SoC’s for mobile devices, but as of lately the company has changed gears and is getting ready to take on the big players such as Qualcomm and TI. The latest announcement from ST-Ericsson includes a wide range of new models, but the most interesting one is the upcoming Nova A9600 SoC which should be sampling towards the end of the year with PowerVR Series6 graphics.
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ST-Ericsson and STMicroelectronics demo MYDP

Display Port for mobile devices with a trick up its sleeve

ALTHOUGH THERE’S NO real problem as such with today’s micro HDMI connector found on many mobile devices, a better alternative has been co-developed by ST-Ericsson and STMicroelectronics which relies on the royalty free DisplayPort standard. This might seem as an odd move in a way, but let us explain the advantages of what the MYDP standard has to offer over HDMI.
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Industry leaders discuss the future of mobile computing

Some of it makes sense, other parts not so much

WE’VE ATTENDED A FEW, well, let’s call them briefings at the Mobile World Congress, all hosted by various industry leaders ranging from chip and device makers to service and content providers and some of what was said was very interesting while other parts were almost laughable. What became painstakingly clear though, mostly based on comments from the hardware makers, is the fact that the cost of wireless access isn’t where anyone but the network providers wants it to be.
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