Pre-emptive price drop by Nvidia

In preparation for the Radeon HD 6800 launch

NVIDIA SEEMS TO be worried that AMD’s Radeon HD 6800 cards are going to be too competitive in terms of price/performance compared to some of its line-up and as such the company has today revised its pricing on a couple of its models. Both the 1GB GeForce GTX 460 and the GTX 470  have had their prices cut to make them more competitive, all of which is good news for the consumers.
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AMD Demos Llano

It’s real

This week in Taipei AMD showed a short demo of Fusion.  We will note that the cameraman needs training and better equipment.  However, we do feel the need to bring you this for your viewing pleasure or pain.
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Radeon HD 6800 speculations, rumours and leaks

We’re getting close to launch

WE’RE A WEEK away from the anticipated launch of the Radeon HD 6800 series and there’s been more than a few leaks over the past 24h and we figured we’d try and collate some of that information into a more easily digestible format. There are still some key features that are missing and of course the all-important price, but apart from that, we seem to have a pretty good picture of what’s coming.
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Common Platform Alliance key to foundry success

Brings together Global Foundries, IBM, and Samsung

THE ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT back in June seems to have been generally missed, possibly because most of us aren’t familiar with the Common Platform Alliance, an organization striving for a common, open design ecosystem and fab synchronization, amongst other things. Global Foundries, IBM, and Samsung are the key foundries that make up the Common Platform Alliance and they’re all currently working on a joint 28nm process technology platform which will make life easier for their customers.
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