Top ten highs and lows from CES 2011

Are you peddling iPhone 4 cases? No? Then GTFO!

Despite the many gadget and tech sites who were dancing about half-sober, clamoring over a spectacular CES show fraught with innovation, I’m going to go ahead and take a different stand.  There were intriguing bits to be sure, but overall I left with the opinion that the gadgets in Vegas might as well stay in Vegas this year.  Herein I will break down what I felt were the top ten highlights, and the top ten low points at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, just be warned that these are my opinions and don’t necessarily reflect the views of others at S|A or other sentient life forms in general.
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So what happens to AMD now?

With Dirk out, a world of possibilities are opened up

Talk about a wild start to the week.  Between the Intel/Nvidia settlement, Verizon’s announcement to flog Apple kit, recovering from a week in Vegas at CES, and now Dirk Meyer’s abrupt departure from AMD the tech press has been without sleep for quite some time.  With the industry in such a chaotic state it can be hard to see what the future holds for all these companies, so let us peer into S|A’s patent pending crystal ball to see what’s in store for AMD.
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Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE based connected car concept

CES 2011: Teenage life is about to get a whole lot harder

One of the oft passed by booths at CES was held down by Alcatel-Lucent, a purveyor of equipment sold primarily to telecom companies and cable providers.  They were however showing off a conceptual technology that demonstrates some interesting ways to utilize all that sweet, sweet bandwidth provided by new “4G” phone technologies, specifically LTE.
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OnLive lives to see its first CES, now inside Vizio TVs

CES 2011: Streaming game concept still alive and kicking

It’s hard to believe that OnLive launched a little over 6 months ago in June of 2010.  Well they are still around, and have launched a few new products along the way including an announcement that they have partnered with Vizio to include their software inside of certain newly released “VIA Plus” series TV sets.  We stopped by their booth to see how the second half of 2010 treated them, and what they are focusing on going forward.
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Victorinox previews a knife for simultaneous PowerPoint/shanking

CES 2011: If MacGyver filled out TPS reports, he would own one of these

Victorinox had an impressive spread of pocket knives on display, nearly all of them containing one or more flash memory sticks of some sort.  The Belle of the Ball however had to  be the unreleased “Presentation Master”  knife/biometric protected flash drive/Bluetooth Power Point slide advancer/laser pointer/nail file/screw driver/scissors/owner of my heart.
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Toshiba’s SSD division is swimming with da fishes

CES 2011: No, seriously.

File this one in the WTF folder.  Toshiba managed to pique our interest with an ingenious, yet slightly crazy/useless display gimmick.  An SSD board was mounted inside of a fish bowl, mostly submerged in ordinary water (made slightly alcoholic once everyone’s back was turned,) and was booted from on a computer next to the tank.  Utterly useless? Yes. Attention getting?  Yes.  Can you do this at home?  Yes (just don’t send us the repair bill.)
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Seagate launches USM (Universal Storage Module) initiative

CES 2011: Yet more ways to store and move your pr0n about

Seagate is spearheading a new initiative in conjunction with the SATA IO Commission to bring sanity to the SATA interface and allow for mass storage devices that can be quickly swapped between devices such as PCs, DVRs, or docking stations.  This initiative is called USM, or Universal Storage Module, and Seagate hopes to make this acronym as ubiquitous as USB in the near future.
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