The secret of the AMD 6900’s second switch

Forget NDA’s, we never liked them anyway

AT SEMIACCURATE WE never met an NDA we did like and most sites seem to ignore them on a whim to whore views, so now seems as good a time as any to violate a few about the AMD 6900 series. We don’t want to feel like loners. Some of the card’s secrets have leaked by now, but the biggest one, the second switch, hasn’t even made the speculation circuit yet.
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Radeon HD 6900 appears all over

China that is

AS CLOSELY AS AMD has guarded its 6900 series graphics cards it wasn’t entirely unexpected that pictures of cards would start to leak ahead of the launch once products started to ship into retail and that’s exactly what has happened now. Some benchmarks have also leaked, but due to the fact that the drivers supplied with the cards aren’t the final drivers, none of the current benchmarks should be taken as gospel.
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P67 and H67 boards get priced

From affordable to very expensive

OVER THE PAST few days it appears as if the online retailers have gotten their act together and jointly decided to post pricing of motherboard for Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge processors. So far we’ve spotted boards on sale from Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, Intel itself and MSI in various parts of the world, although some of the prices seem to be, shall we say a little bit on the high side.
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Apple rumoured to rely on Sandy Bridge graphics

For its next gen notebooks

RUMOURS ARE STARTING to come in that Apple is considering dumping Nvidia graphics on its entry level notebooks in favour of Intel’s new integrated graphics in the upcoming Sandy Bridge processors. Considering that Apple has to move away from Nvidia’s chipset if it’s planning to bring its entire line of notebooks to the Sandy Bridge platform, then Apple doesn’t have much choice.
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Gigabyte’s mini-ITX Brazos board leaks

Powered by a dual core AMD E-350 processor

FOR THOSE OF you waiting for the first mini-ITX Brazos boards it seems like the long wait is almost over, at least as long as you don’t mind going with a Gigabyte board that is. A picture along with some details of Gigabyte’s first Brazos mini-ITX board has made its way onto the web and it looks like Intel’s Atom processor just got some serious competition on its hands.
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Intel launches two new X58 boards

Something new to keep everyone’s mind off of Sandy Bridge

TODAY INTEL FINALLY launched its two new X58 boards, the DX58SO2 and DX58OG, both long coming, although maybe not that much anticipated. Oddly enough, Intel doesn’t seem to be making much noise about the two new boards, at least not on its news site, but the company has sent out a press release to its channel partners which might be more important than telling the media about the new boards.
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Google announces the Nexus S

And Android 2.3

THE MUCH RUMOURED and anticipated Google Nexus S has finally been unveiled by Google, alongside the even much more anticipated release of Android 2.3. The bad news in the first case is that you have to wait until the 16th of December to be able to purchase one and in the latter case that so far only Nexus One owners will be able to get their hands on Android 2.3 initially, well, that’s only bad news if you don’t own a Nexus One.
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Nvidia launches the GeForce GT 540M

Only in China for now

IT DIDN’T TAKE long for Nvidia to announce its first mobile GeForce 500-series part and the GeForce GT 540M is what brings its mobile GPU’s forward a generation, or does it? Considering that pretty much all of the specifications are the same as the GeForce GT 435M, bar some adjustments in clock speed, this seems to be yet another rebrand to please its OEM partners, albeit this time it appears to be a China exclusive.
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